Perfect when you want to achieve a specific result AND still manage your financials.

You have questions about your business finances AND want to be your own CFO. You absolutely can be… if you know what you’re doing. Because right now, it feels like you have more questions than answers. If this sounds like you, you need an Intensive.

Your thoughts go a little like this...

+ I should create a proper budget.
+ I want Profit First in my business and I don't want to do it alone. 
+ I wish I could do my own bookkeeping quickly and with confidence.
+ I need a revenue goal so I can scale my business without feeling like I have to give up everything else in my life to do it.
+ I've hire my first employee, how do I run payroll?
+ I'm worried about money.

If these thoughts have crossed your mind, then an Intensive is Perfect for you!

During Intensives other clients and I have tackled:

 Building a budget
+ Creating Revenue Goals
+ Designing Key Performance Indicators
+ Implementing Profit First
+ Converting to Xero Accounting 
+ Converting to Gusto Payroll
+ Creating Bookkeeping Process
+ Tidying Historical Bookkeeping Messes so they can file taxes

+ Intensives are perfect when you want specific result and greater confidence and clarity while you continue to manage your business financials.

Yes, please and thank you, an Intensive is for me.

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