Bookkeeping/CFO Services:

Your books might be virtual, but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel like a big weight in your hands and on your shoulders. Let me take that for you. All of it.

When we work together in this way, you’re not employing me, but I still become a member of your team. That’s why I call us partners. You stay fired up in your zone of genius, I stay fired up in mine, and we come together to use the numbers to drive revenue and profit UP and keep taxes DOWN.

With outsourcing your bookkeeping, here's a taste of what I can do for you:

Full-service monthly bookkeeping, so everything is tracked, recorded and categorized accurately 
+ Deliver a profit and loss statement and balance sheet every month with a clean and clear explanation of what the numbers mean and how to use them to your advantage
+ Handle all your reconciliations, invoicing, and bill payments (are you doing a chair dance yet?)
+ Run your budget for you and keep your cash flow in check
+ Manage your debt (if you have any) in a savvy way
+  Set up and manage sales tax filings, including a monthly report 
+ Process payroll, ensure IRS/State payroll filings are handled, and issue W2s
+ Implement Profit First

With me on board, you never have to deal with accounting, bookkeeping or taxes ever again. The relief that will bring you is probably worth one million dollars, but I don’t charge quite that much. You’ll also get your weekends back, because weekends are meant for espressos in bed with the kids giggling at your feet, not pulling your hair out over whether your finances are in order.

Currently, we are not accepting 1:1 Bookkeeping Clients until September 2021!

If you'd like to keep in touch and be the first to know when 1:1 retainer spots open up, complete the form to keep in touch!

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Thanks for your interest in 1:1 Bookkeeping Services! Once openings are available, we'll let you know!


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