Assess the Mess:

You started bookkeeping and despite best efforts, you fear you created a mess, but have no idea how much of a mess... 

Let's start by clearing the air on one major thing; however messy you think they are, your books will not be the worst I’ve ever seen. So as much as your heart sinks every time you think about the “mess,” don’t spend one more second worrying about it! You’ve got approximately 253 other things you should be doing instead, and I’m here to show you exactly how to get your books in order.

Right now you're...

+ Not exactly sure how much you’ve got coming in or going out each month, or how to use your accounting software

+ Hiding a shoebox full of receipts

+ Losing sleep over tax season. What if you overpay or miss tax credits because of messy accounting?

You need Assess the Mess

+ Partner with a finance-fluent professional who will come in, eyes wide open, and assess the mess (with zero judgement)

+ Get a clear, complete review of where your books are at and 

Learn exactly what you need to do to tidy up and manage your books — with Beyonce levels of confidence



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