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Hi, I'm Aimee and I help business owners manage their numbers and increase their PROFITS without losing their minds.

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Need to get a better handle on your business finances
but hate getting lost in the numbers? Congratulations! You’re a normal human!

Me, on the other hand? Not so normal. Numbers are my jam.

Which one is you right now?

Assess the Mess

Feel like your books are a hot mess? Let’s assess the mess (so it can be cleaned up for good).



Need the brain of an expert on your books and business? Let’s spend focus on a specific pain point and get your business to the next level.

Bookkeeping/CFO Services

Looking to partner with an expert bookkeeper to take number crunching off your plate?


If you don't have a handle on your numbers, you're hindering your business growth.
It would be great if I could tell you differently, but that would put me out of a job. And I fucking love my job.

Mmm, more profit

Knowing exactly where your business is at IS the only way to properly plan for where it’s going.

And we both know it’s going to some pretty cool places. The question is whether you want it to take 10x longer than it needs to… or not.

When you have an accurate grasp of what’s coming in, what’s not but should be, and what’s going out, you can create a system that supports you when making important business decisions, makes preparing for taxes (almost) effortless, and, crucially, maximizes profitability.

You know, so you can pay yourself more.

Let's Work Together!

"MY BUSINESS HAS NEARLY DOUBLED! Before hiring Aimee, my biggest challenge in my business was with finances. Since working with Aimee, my business has nearly doubled. I’m more financially healthy than ever before.""

Jenna Guarneri
JMG Public Relations


Nope, you don't need a CPA to manage your financials day-to-day.

The deets on Aimee

As a Profit First Professional (there are only a couple hundred of us in the world), I’m certified to help you make 100% sure your business is as profitable as it should be – so you can sleep soundly again.

When you hire me, you get the same level of experience and service as a CPA (if not more), but at a fairer price. Which, considering that you’re taking more responsibility for your business finances, is a smart choice.

Plus, you can ask me the questions you’re afraid to ask your CPA and I’ll give you an answer you understand. No stuffiness, no fluff, no gobbledygook, no BS.

About Aimee

"AIMEE GAVE ME BACK MY TIME! "I love working with Aimee because she gave me back my time and reduced the stress of having to constantly run numbers. As a small business owner, having more time to focus on my business and less on numbers is invaluable.""

Jess Wold
Collar City Athletics

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